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About us

C.S.I. srl is a firefighting  equipment manufacturers, 100% Italian investment, located at Casanova Lonati city, Province of Pavia. Italy.

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C.S.I. srl produces high quality firefighting equipment of long durability, with reduced maintenance needs also when used in heavy duty conditions.

Our products are designed mainly for industrial use in the Oil&Gas, Chemical and Energy production and storage sectors for both on the ground and off-shore applications including complete firefighting solutions that incorporates highly reliable systems and equipment for use in all manner of harsh environments.

C.S.I. srl manufacture and supply products from the-50ºC cold winter to the +60ºC hot summer climates by using correct material choices combined with high level engineering practice gathered with expertise, research and continuous product development, making its products  winners of Price, Quality and Performance comparisons among competitors.

Who We Are

one of the leading firefighting manufacturers in the world.

C.S.I. srl is a firefighting equipment manufacturer, 100% Italian investment, located in Casanova Lonati city, province of Pavia, Lombardy, Italy.

Founders of this company are acting in the firefighting equipment manufacturing sector for more than 40 years. Our customer oriented business approach, pluriannual experience, and strong belief in continuous improvement, make C.S.I. srl one of the leading firefighting manufacturers in the world. As a holder of ISO9001 Quality System, EN1090  Certificate of Conformity of the Factory Production on control and other numerous internationally recognized product and quality certificates, all activities of C.S.I srl. We are frequently monitored, controlled and improved.

Our company holds several Module-B, EU type examination certificates according to 2014/68/UE (literally known as PED) for designing, construction and marketing with CE any kind of pressure equipment including group IV classed recipients.

Main Activities

All our quality


In this section you can find all our quality certificates that guarantee the properties and the adherence of our products to all international laws.


Factory production control certificate EN 1090

Quality management system certificate ISO 9001

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Our Vision & Mission


Protecting our customers against all kinds of fires is our mission.

We achieve this through our pillars: professionalism, products, our way.


Our top skilled structure will always find the best solutions in firefighting appiances. Our staff will guide you through all the projects and products we can create for you.


We create a full range of devices that will protect you against the danger of fire. The perfect catalogue, at the disposal of our customers.


We follow our customers in every step of the project, from scratch to post sale. With our flexible structure, we can meet all the needs of our customers.