C.S.I. S.r.l.  offers complete hardware and software solutions to protect Oil & Gas Terminals – Berthing. Loading arms are protected by Monitor towers with Remote operated monitor systems controlled by PLC’s customized according to request. Water and foam deluge / cooling systems are provided to protect valve – pump stations.

Firefighting system controllers are interfacing to terminals’ automation system to combine standard process controls with firefighting

applications at unique terminal interface at a distance. As those terminals are highly explosive environments, all equipment used on site is constructed to serve in conformity with ATEX regulations.

Oil & Gas product storage tank farms due to the products stored, contains dangerous risks for property and human beings. C.S.I. S.r.l. realizes custom made solutions to protect storage tanks and dyke areas by using PLC controlled systems. Operator from the control room by simply pressing to a button can activate an automatic extinguishing system without any need to intervention.

The system automatically controls the combination of valves for water, foam concentrate and tower cooling system according to the fire scenario selected.

The system has an ATEX and SIL-2 certified wireless controller enabling the user to stop an existing scenario and take control to move the monitors. The system gives flexibility to cover any hazards in the range of the monitor, to extinguish fire in dyke areas and also it may be used to fight against fire at the top of the storage tanks or process areas at the vicinity. Each monitor provides a 360° horizontal movement with dead center. The controlling system is connected to plant automation system via Profibus® connection protocol combining process applications with firefighting application at unique terminal control interface at a distance.