C.S.I. S.r.l. designs and manufactures automatic fire detection and extinguishing systems by combining excellent fire detection capabilities of  thermal cameras.  Thermal cameras are orientated to cover the entire protection area. A special software analyses images simultaneously to define each pixel’s temperature level and their increase on time. By using the program’s interface, the user defines regions of interest by combining the pixels to create different fire scenarios with different alarm levels. When a fire event inside the Region of Interest is confirmed, predetermined tasks are immediately put in action to fight the fire autonomously.

MME model electric operated monitors with integrated position encoders are used to orientate water or foam water solutions to the preset coordinates, as well as controlling motorized valves. The monitors may be installed inside of the enclosures with automatic door to protect them from dust and dirt during stand-by conditions. When the extinguishing cycle is actuated, the door opens, the monitor assembly is moved outside of the box, and vertical horizontal and nozzle actuators are commanded to achieve programmed state and motorized valves are operated to let the fluid flow

System automatically stops the extinguishing cycle after the predetermined time, and continuously monitors the entire area for next interventions. In each stage, the operator can abort the automatic sequence to take the control for remote operation of the system. Special tasks like periodic white test or partial initial opening of the valves to avoid water hammer are provided within the controlling logic thanks to the fully customizable software developed by C.S.I. s.r.l.