D-5 Monitor Towers

D-4 Monitor Towers

Monitor Towers are structural equipment used to increase the coverage area of firefighting monitors to approach a fire from a certain height above ground, for example marine terminals, loading bays or storage tank farms, where it is necessary to pass over high obstacles to reach the fire source.

Self-standing construction over the foundation are especially engineered according to reaction forces caused by monitor, wind loads, snow loads and seismic loads. Monitor towers are usually constructed from Structural carbon steel materials. Material characteristics such as shape, grade and thickness are selected according to calculations made by a special FMEA software in conformity with Euro Code standards like EN 1990, 1991, and 1993.

Monitor towers are subject to CPR 305/11 regulation of EU which defines strict design and manufacturing rules to put the equipment on the market.

C.S.I. uses a Factory Production Control system which is certified by an independent notified body according to EN 1090 standard, that enables the company to affix CE mark to structural components up to EXC-2 execution class, according to directive. Our company has an internal welding coordinator to follow all requested tasks during the construction.

Monitor towers produced by C.S.I. consists as a minimum in a base flange, a tubular main structure and the piping to deliver fluid to the desired elevation to feed the firefighting monitor. The entire construction is made by using structural steels.

D-5 Monitor Towers


Working or resting platforms are designed according to ISO EN 14122-2 and fixed marine type access ladders between the platforms and the ground level are designed according to ISO EN 14122-4, provided as access tools to the monitor systems.  All intermediate or upper platforms are always combined with anti-fall protection and handrails

Fixed top platform towers are attached permanently to the structure while rotating platforms are structured over rotating rollers connected to the firefighting monitor to turn together allowing depression angles from the opening in front.

External spray cooling system runs together with the structure provided to protect it from exposure.  

Fire proofing with cementitious coating cycles are available on request. To increase durability of the equipment, hot dip galvanization or C5-M type marine grade coating systems are offered.

Monitor towers can have external monitor feeding pipe, electrical conduit pipes and junction boxes as well as can be supplied with foundation templates and bolts.

D-5 Monitor Towers


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