D-6 Trailers

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Trailers, produced by C.S.I. S.r.l., give mobility to firefighting equipment –especially to monitors and foam concentrate storage tanks-, which are generally used by internal fire brigades or industrial plants to use with appliances on a specific target or to cover an area where fixed firefighting systems are not installed.

C.S.I. S.r.l. offers a wide range of trailer designs, beginning with simple trailers designed on a single axis, equipped with a monitor feeding collector, and instantaneous couplings for hose connections. Additionally foam concentrate drum supports and hose containers are provided with basic CPM series trailers.

CPM/S trailers are single or multiple axis trailers equipped with foam concentrate tanks with different capacities made with stainless or carbon steel materials with hose connections and piping to feed monitors, hose containers etc. Foam concentrate storage tanks are designed with filling openings, double effect breathing and over pressure transfer valves, embedded siphon tubing to connect suction tube of the monitor nozzle or branch pipe were provided as self-aspirating style.
The towing hook of the trailers is chosen according to destination country regulations, which may differ from region to region. On request, homologated trailers used on public roads, can be tailor made.

Trailers with fully personable options are specially engineered by C.S.I. S.r.l.’s technical office and created to meet any request for a mobile firefighting equipment. Stationary hand brakes, Impulse type braking system brakes trailer axis according to towing vehicle velocity, pilot maneuver wheel for easy movement of the trailer, electrical signaling system with personalized electric socket options, self-levelling axes are all in our options list. C.S.I. offers customized solutions, combining different single products from our product range to create a functional equipment as a mobile powerful firefighting station.
FDT model foam drum trailers are designed to carry standard 200-liter foam drums with other necessary accessories for a completely plug & play mobile firefighting equipment. System uses MDL model inline mixers, LP and LP/A model foam branch pipes as well as GSM series medium expansion generators provided as discharge equipment.