D-4-1-11 MM-O Hydraulically Operated Monitor Bodies

D-4-1-11 MM-O Hydraulically Operated Monitor Bodies

MMO model hydraulically operated monitors are used to orientate flow direction at vertical and horizontal planes by using oil flow provided by a hydraulic piping.  C.S.I. S.r.l. manufactures hydraulic monitors for industrial facilities with particularly high requirements in terms of ruggedness and resistance to corrosion or where the risk of explosion does not permit the presence of electrical wires.

In combination with a hydraulic unit and a controller, the monitor can be operated by remote control by using hydraulic oil flow. The movement transmitted to the shaft passing through a mechanical friction clutch works as a mechanical movement limiting device.

When physical limits are reached by the monitor, the friction clutch absorbs the movement energy and cuts the transmission of the movement to monitor while the hydraulic motor may keep rotating. 

When 360° continuous movement in horizontal plane is required, by using a rotational joint, hydraulic oil is transmitted without dead center to each movement actuators.

Water passage of the monitor, joints and gear housing are made in CF8M-AISI 316 Stainless Steel, that makes the equipment corrosion resistant for usage under harsh conditions.

Standard onboard hydraulic oil bypass block ensures that the operator can switch between remote or local operation by hand wheels, included as standard. To move the monitor in one direction, only a hydraulic oil flow is needed at a rate of approximately 3 l/min for each motor movement with residual pressure 40/60 bars.

Hydraulic monitors deliver pre-piped with flexible hydraulic hoses from the bypass block up to the movement motors. The only requirement is that the customer connects the hydraulic flow carrying hoses into the slots left during installation. 

ATEX versions produced according to 2014/34/EU with CE marking are available on request.

MMO model monitors have 3”-4”-5”-6”-8” waterway passages that enable the whole monitor system to handle flow rates up to 40.000 l/min. in combinations of various discharge devices available from our product range.