D-3-1-5 FC foam chamber

D-3-1-5 FC foam chamber

FC model foam chambers are used for Storage Tank Protection equipment. NFPA-11 defines this equipment as Type II discharge devices and EN 13565 standards defines it as foam discharge outlets for tank protection. Foam Chambers are attached directly to the storage tank’s top over the maximum stored product level.

Equipment are designed to deliver foam directly into the storage tank, from upper levels, to cover the burning liquid surface through expanded foam.
The foam water solution enters into the equipment from inlet piping, and passes through the orifice plate to determine the desired flow rate. A sprayed liquid creates a suction effect to introduce air into the flow. Upon entering the chamber, the foam solution is expanded and then discharged against, for example, FP or FP-I model pourers, ensuring a gentle discharge of the expanded foam into the storage tank.

FC model foam chambers are suitable to use against hydrocarbon or polar solvent fires with all low- expansion foam concentrates.

Flow rates of the equipment are determined by calibrated stainless steel orifice plates mounted onto the inlet flange connection of the equipment in an interchangeable manner. The air aspiration port of the equipment comes with a swing type check valve that ensures the full rupture of the vapor sealing device by compressing the internal air using liquid pressure that enters the equipment. The vapor sealing device is made by calibrated glass; on request graphite or stainless-steel discs are available. These vapor sealing devices are simply accessible by opening the cover plate. The cover plate of the equipment is located over the expansion chamber and designed to enable the user to perform real time tests without damaging the product stored in the tank protected by this equipment.

The ATEX version of foam chambers come along with special hinges, which connect the cover plate to the body of the equipment, special bursting disc, fixing elements. The standard flow rates of the equipment are limited to 2500 l/min @ 5 bars which can be extended to certain limits on request.
C.S.I. s.r.l. customizes its products according to existing storage tank openings to create the best fit replacement for existing systems.