D-4-1-10 MME Electrically Operated Monitor Bodies

D-4-1-10 MME Electrically Operated Monitor Bodies

MME model electric operated monitors are used to orientate flow direction at vertical and horizontal planes by using electric operated actuators. Water passage of the monitor, joints and gear housing are made in CF8M-AISI 316 stainless steel, that makes the equipment corrosion resistant for usage under harsh conditions.

Standard MME model electric operated monitors are equipped with conventional electric motors with coupled reducer mechanisms to drive the worm shaft. The movement transmitted to the shaft passing through a mechanical friction clutch works as a mechanical movement limiting device. When physical limits are reached by the monitor, the friction clutch absorbs the movement energy and cuts the transmission of the movement to the monitor while the electric motor may keep rotating. With this technology, the controlling equipment of these tools becomes simple and does not need complex circuits. When there are special tasks to be performed with simple electric monitors, limit switches or encoders are integrated to the construction for automatization of the product by using controlling logical devices. Emergency operation is always possible with handwheels connected to worm shaft.

C.S.I. S.r.l. can combine highly reliable actuators from Auma® with electric monitors. All the mechanical parts and controlling circuits of these actuators are contained inside a robust casing up to IP68 protection class and electric motor without external fan, and this makes these actuators the perfect solution for dirty and dusty atmospheres. Auma® actuators are supplied with internal encoder 4-20 mA and Electro Mechanic Limit switches to cut off the power. MME model monitors have SIL-2 safety integrity level when used with these actuators. Self-disengaging handwheels are provided for emergency operations.

ATEX versions are produced according to 2014/34/EU with CE marking by using certified actuators, junction boxes, cabling and cable glands. Technical submittal has been deposited at a notified body and periodically updated.

MME model monitors have 3”-4”-6”-8” waterway passages which enable the whole monitor system to handle flow rates up to 40.000 l/min. with combinations of discharge devices available from our product range.