D-3-4-5 ROY Medium Velocity Sprinkler Nozzle

D-3-4-5 ROY Medium Velocity Sprinkler Nozzle

ROY model Nozzles is an open (non-automatic) sprinkler nozzles, designed for use in water spray fixed systems. This equipment is known as medium velocity discharge nozzles in the market.

ROY model nozzles are effective in covering exposed vertical, horizontal, curved, and irregular shaped surfaces with a cooling spray to prevent excessive absorption of heat from an external fire and possible structural damage or the spreading of fire to the protected equipment. In some applications, depending on water design density requirement, ROY model nozzles may also be used for fire control or extinguishment.

ROY model nozzles are available in a wide variety of orifice sizes and spray angles (included angle of discharge) to provide versatility in system design. Equipment is produced in cast or handmade bronze or by welding using stainless steel materials to fulfill corrosion resistance requirements.

Connection to the fire network is NPT or BSP threaded with dimension of DN 15- ½”, flow rates are factory calibrated up to Metric K factor 95 l/min * bar1/2. ROY model nozzles produce a full cone spray pattern with a wide spray angle, and are the proper tools for covering wide surfaces for cooling and/or fire extinguishment purposes. Spray angle values between 30- 150° are available on request.

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